Potato vs Grain?

topic posted Fri, August 1, 2003 - 6:06 PM by  John
How can I tell if the vodka that I'm purchasing is a potato or a grain vodka? I hear that real vodka is made of potato, but that most vodkas you find at the liquor store are grain... Any suggestions on what to look for when choosing a fine vodka?
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  • potato always potato
    Luksosowa is prolyl the best polish potato vodka i have founf legqally in this country... key word legally ;)
    • First of all let me start out by saying I have never liked vodka. It smelled like jet fuel and didn't have any taste. Especially if I drank it right out of the freezer, which is how I thought vodka was to be drunk.

      If I want to try a liquor I first drink it neat, no ice, no water, straight at room temperature. Then I can taste the liquor.

      Once you have a vodka you of which like the taste, you will better enjoy a cocktail using that vodka.

      I live in Pennsylvania and on the western end of the state Boyd and Blair go to great lengths to make and sell a premium potato vodka that has real taste. It is sole in the PA liquor stores in two strengths, 80 proof and 151 proof. It is a bit more expensive than a bottle of Luksosowa.

      It is sold in other states as well. Inquire at you local liquor store.
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    If you want to know where the vodka comes from, ingredients wise, try to locate a web page, or contact the "manufacturer." If it matters, you can usually find out one way or the other. Some sites also dig this stuff out for display.

    You hit upon a matter of definition here. There are a couple ways to look at 'vodka.' The kind of modern legal/commercial vodka, or, as mentioned, the kind of regional determination.

    Basically, vodka is a 'neutral spirit', it's typically filtered out fairly pure (to the 194-odd proofage that's possible), then usually remixed with neutral substances [mineral water, or whatnot] to dilute. This pretty much means that any sugary/carby goop can make something legally 'vodka'.

    A 'fine' vodka depends a lot on what you like, and how noticable you like it. Tongue, throat, stomach, quantity.

    Me? I tend to like vodkas made from grain/rye/wheat/etc much better. I still don't *look* for those, since I'm willing to test anything out.

    Depending on how you like your data, check out

    "Vodkas are made from many different agricultural materials. This includes grain, molasses, potatoes and rice. Most vodkas today use grain, primarily corn, wheat or rye."
  • I'm very surprised that nobody here has mentioned Monopolowa potato vodka. It's Austrian and very inexpensive, 1.75 for 19.99 here in Dallas. It's incredibly smooth and I have yet to experience a hangover from it. As for grain vodkas, try Vox. It won "best tasting vodka" in 2006 (over grey goose, which hasn't won the coveted award since 2000) by the professional beverage tasting institute in Chicago.
  • I go to a good liquor store and ask (you'll know right away if the person knows what they are talking about). My favorite is Monopolowa (pronounced mono pa lo va). The other popular brand is Chopin (expensive). I was a Ketel One (grain) fan until a Dallas bartender did a blind taste test with a friend of mine and I. The Mono was smoother, taste better and is, at least, 30% less expensive. However, not everyone agrees.... that's why they make both. The down side, some say the calories count of Potato vodka is higher than grain...?
  • My favorites include Jean Marc XO ($60+/-) and Rain ($20+/-)... Jean Marc is five various types of wheat and Rain is made from organic white corn. Runners up include Imperia, Effen, and Svedka (for mixed drinks). So it would stand to reason I prefer grain over potato but I havn't had the chance to taste all my bottles yet (I have 33 and growing not including anything flavored). I think I have about 6-7 potato vodkas.

    Check out my collection @ - Click "Vodka" - - -
  • This is a reasonably priced vodka. It is the best Potato Vodka that was highly recommended to me from an owner of a liquor store here in SC. The name is Vikingfjord imported from Norway. He said it is as smooth as Grey Goose but better. So after trying it, I am hooked. It is made with pure Norwegian Glacier Water. the website is: I hope you can find it and enjoy!

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